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Why Whois Xtractor

Striking reasons why you should opt for Whois extractor Tool


Safe, Secure & Reliable

The tool does not harm your PC & provides actual domains whois lookup information.



Does not require any other plugin to run the Whois Extractor Tool.


Updated Whois Information

Keeps a track of whois domain details updations & shows the updated results.


Cost Effective

The Whois Extractor provides a lot of features at a very low cost.


Provides Entire Information

A total coverage of all the possible fields related to the Whois domain lookup.


24*7 Technical Support

A skilled set of support team available to help you 24*7 to solve the errors.

Features of Whois Xtractor

Features that make this Whois Xtractor Tool unique

Whois Lookup all Domain Details

Provides various details like whois domain details (domain name, creation, expiration date, registrar, etc), whois registrant details(name, organization, phone no, city, email id, etc), website status, SSL & IP information. It does not pose any restriction for different types of domains like .com, .org, .net, etc.

Check Whois Information for Domain as well as Subdomain

Shows the whois lookup like domain detail, registration contact information, website details, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) information & whois ip, etc. of domains and all the subdomains related to it.

Get Bulk Whois Lookup Using the Bulk Whois Finder

You can also get whois bulk data for multiple domains. By using this bulk whois finder tool you can find out by whom & when a domain was registered, whois registry expiry date, how to contact the domain owner, where it is hosted, etc. for multiple domains at a particular time.

Maximum Whois Lookup Infomation Coverage

One of the best option to get all the possible whois lookup related to a domain. The user does not have to collect information from different places. Every information related to the registration of the domain is gathered together in a single table. The tabular form makes it easier for the user to see & understand all the details.

Support for All Types of Domains

The tool supports all types of domains like top-level domain, generic domain & country code top-level domain and efficiently provides the whois lookup domain for them.

Shows SSL Certificate Information

If the domains have the Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL), there isn't any need to worry the whois lookup software will also provide the information of the certificate.

Provides List of All Name Servers

Whois Xtractor Tool will provide the list of name servers the domain supports along with the IP address on which they are present. To know about the domains present in each nameserver, you need to upgrade the tool.

Whois Extractor Tool - Technical Brief

Common terms that you may know before using the Whois Xtractor Tool

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a query and response protocol which is used to query databases that store the registered users look up information about a domain . Domain names are registered through comapnies called as registrars. Example Godaddy, Bluehost,etc.The registars are used to show the registration details of the domain publically, which can be seen with the help of the whois service.

The whois records may include name of the registrar, techinical contact, created, updated & expiration date of the domain, name servers,etc.

There is an option of hiding the contact details by using "private registration service" provided by some registrars with extra charge. When anybody searches your whois data those fields would not be shown.Our tool provides the whois details of the domains which covers many fields like registrant details, domain details, SSL & IP information.

Domain Name System lookup

It is the way that internet domain names are located and translated into IP addresses. The DNS maps the names used by people to locate websites to the IP addresses used by the computer to locate a website.

DNS Lookup refers to looking for a domain name from the DNS server. When the user types in a domain name the request are forwarded to the DNS server which in turn returns the corresponding IP address. Our tool provides this facility by which you can get the IP address of the domain from DNS server.

Name Server

It is a web server that has DNS software installed in it, it can be defined as a server that is designated for managing the domain names that are associated with all the hosting provider's accounts.

Whois extractor tool provides the list of name server associated with the domain along with their IP address. To further know about them you need to upgrade the tool.

Solutions to FAQs

Common questions that the Whois Extractor Tool resolves

Ans: No, the tool does not consume much bandwidth while generating the registration details.
Ans:There isn't any chance of Denial Of Service attack as the tool is very light. Thus it cannot lead to such circumstances.
Ans: Yes, the software will show the SSL information of the domain.
Ans:The tool is independent of the registrar that is used to register the domain. So you can use any registrar to register your domain & the tool will successfully give all the whois data.
Ans: No, the software will not display the secure whois data.

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